Today we launch our campaign to promote the Rapid HIV / Syphilis Test service that we carry out at our headquarters for free, safe and confidential, with the support of the Departament de Salut of the Generalitat de Catalunya. For this we have the special collaboration of our beloved Drags of the town who have been more than proud and helpful to help us spread our message: “Knowledge is in Your Hand”.


Our dear Drag Queens who have committed and aligned themselves with our cause

Sharonne, Gigi Capri, Daniel Busato, La Secre or Karla Manresa, they are a good sample of our dear Drags that have committed and aligned themselves with our cause. Starting today, with Sharonne’s video, and throughout next week, we will be publishing, here and on social networks, the videos that they have made themselves, each in their own way and with total creative freedom, to spread our service .

The collective of our artists is one of the hardest hit by the effects of the pandemic

From Gay Sitges Link, we want to thank our collective of artists, especially our Drag Queens, for the unconditional support that they always give us in all our initiatives, and even more so in this period that we are living with uncertainty, in which they are one of the collectives most punished and deserve our support. Loud applause!