Last week, on the occasion of International Transgender Awareness Day (March 31st), we organised two major events around this topic, so in vogue in the current context.

Trans Rights = Human Rights

The debate on the Transgender Law in Spain has opened up certain supposed chasms that undermine public opinion with more rumors than truths. Derived from this need for reliable information (facts and not malicious misinformation) our friend and colleague Anna De Nicolás, head of the Trans Group and the Colors Sitges Link Legal Guidance project, gave an interesting and intense live talk that dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s.

We went into detail on some important points of the porposed law and discussed the controversy that has been generated around alleged points that have been deliberately mispreported. We closed the talk with an interesting open round of questions to which Anna answered in great detail.

Johanna’s emotional and very intimate speech at the screening of the documentary “Petit Fille (Little Girl)”, at the El Prado Cinema

With a remarkable audience success, the screening of the documentary “Petit Fille (Little Girl)” by Sébastien Lifshitz at the El Prado Cinema had our souls in suspense. First with the emotional and personal speech of our friend Johanna (owner of the Theater Café “Chez Johanna”) we witnessed a vital story of overcoming barriers and obstacles to become who you are.

Next, “Petit Fille” opened a window into a family’s life process for the sake of their daughter, for her authentic self to be respected above all conventions and prejudices.

This documentary shows the story of Sasha, a trans girl of only 7 years of age, and her family: a concerned and protective mother who will move heaven and earth to ensure that no one steals her daughter’s childhood, a father who defends his daughter against the incapacity of an educational system that questions what he assumes to be natural and unquestionable, and her siblings who will always defend Sasha, putting her needs before their own and assuming that she is the one who receives more attentions due to the injustice that hangs over her. Absolutely recommended, with a treatment worthy of the purest cinéma vérité.