Next Monday, March 8, International Women’s Day is celebrated. From our association we propose a series of very significant actions to extol the importance of the figure of women in our community, paying them a worthy tribute and revaluing the feminist component of our collective.

A poem, a mural, a statement of principles

From the poem “Our own selves”, by the local artist Jose Manuel Roldán (“Roldy”), written expressly for the occasion, the plastic artist Manuel Corrales, together with fellow artists Manuel Ricardi(“Abusive Mushroom”) and Roby, will paint a mural on the Carretera de las Costes, on the side façade of No. 34, the house of Señora Carme, our trapeze artist from Sitges.

If you look at us in that way,
You’ll never see who we are.
Look at us as the mother,
As the sister, the companion,
The one who fights her way
Come rain or shine or death,
Not giving in to the noise,
The insult or the prejudice,
Committed to equality,
Committed to the work
Of going against the tide
While we dodge the stoning
By those who underpay us
For our eternal sacrifice,
Which has become a habit,
Of turning the other cheek.

If you look at them in that way,
You’ll never ever see them.
Look at them face to face
For they are not the first ones,
For they are the inheritors
Of others who paid before
With their lives, with their pains,
For the freedom you now have,
Which you owe for sure as well
To the other, uncounted ones,
In the long list of names
Of those who also died
In the hands of the same men.

Let us look at you
One on one, tête-à-tête,
No embarrassment, no shame
Just like nature itself
Lets us look at it.
We are also sons and daughters,
Faithfully on the tight rope,
Committing to feminist fight
For the sake of freedom,
With the same will,
The same truth,
The bravery and the courage
To pay this little homage
To all women
– your women, our women,
Everybody’s woman, our own selves.

Jose Manuel Roldán “Roldy”, 2021

“Rita Levy Montalcini, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1986”, by the painter Manuel Corrales

A route, a path to equality

Parallel to the mural, Isidre Roset, our current President, and Montserrat Esquerda, our incombustible Catalan teacher, will guide us along a Feminine and Feminist Route, which will begin with the reading of the poem in front of the mural and will take a tour of the most significant places in the town regarding the image and importance of women in the history of Sitges.

An audiovisual poem by and for women, from our community

Thanks to the participation of a large number of significant women in our community, we are making an audiovisual version of “Ourselves” that we will premiere next week on social networks. From here we want to thank all the people who have made these events possible.

An International Women’s Day program in Sitges more synergistic than ever

For this year’s program, a wide range of events organised hand in hand between the Sitges Town Hall and the associations and other social actors of the municipality is proposed, presenting a synergistic panorama that marks a before and after in terms of the collaborative and social framework. public institutions.

Here you can download the full program of events published by the Sitges Town Hall: