We dedicate 1 day a year to remember the long struggle of women for equality and the full recognition of their rights, and in which activities are carried out to sensitize Governments and Citizens because they end gender discrimination and Reach the respect of everyone / totdon.

“We need you TOD@S / TOTDON”

We also dedicate it to vindicate each and every one of the working women, in these moments especially the essential workers, who every day leave their skin to carry out their personal, family and work fulfillment. “This means that tomorrow, and every day we have to continue the fight, without fainting, and that we need TOD@S / TOTDON.

The artists Manuel Corrales, Manuel Ricardi and Roby, in front of their work, the mural “Our own selves”, a gift of tribute from our association to all the women of Sitges.

The feminine and feminist route will be held again on Sunday, March 14 at 11:30

In this route we will talk about enterprising, brave, groundbreaking, innovative women at the time, in their context: artists, writers, musicians, a trapeze artist and a pharmacist representing each and every one of the Sitgetans. And we will not forget the grape harvesters, the Llucietes (artisans from the Santa Llucia Fair), the enfranquidoras (shoe sewers who worked at home), the lacemakers (lace artisans), the candles keepers, the net menders, the school teachers …

Montserrat Esquerda masterfully guiding the Feminine and Feminist Route. Photograph courtesy of Visit Sitges.

Much has happened since that strike of the American textile workers of 1857 or the fire of the Cotton factory or that of the Triangle Shirtwaist Company, in New York on March 25, 1911, a textile industry where five hundred people worked, in its great mostly young immigrant women. In this last incident, 142 workers died who the previous year had held a major strike to demand better working conditions.

By Montserrat Esquerda