In the context of the theme “Queer Bodies, Diverse Minds” that gives the exhibition its title, we have organized several activities.

One of them is the literary vermouth and the presentation of the book “Maternidades cuir” by Gracia Trujillo and Eva Abril.

One of the authors and coordinators of the book, Eva Abril, will accompany us to give us her vision of the different maternity wards, not subject to heteronormativity, and explain to us how the idea of ​​the project came about, what voices appear, what realities, what maternity wards. Maternidades cuir is a choral book in which several women, lesbians, trans, bisexual and straight, narrate their experiences with motherhood or non-motherhood. Experiences full of love, desire and also pain.

Coinciding with the traditional Sitges Corpus, we have christened the event Corpus Queer Vermouth Literari.

*Event in Spanish language.