You are not alone, we are by your side

Given the situation of the State of Alarm, we inform you that the LGTBI Gay Sitges Link Association has adapted our activity to the priority compliance with the recommendations of the competent authorities for the protection of individual and collective health.

It is very important that, in this situation, vulnerable and / or older LGTBI people continue to feel accompanied and well cared for.

That’s why our organization continues to prioritize care for vulnerable and / or older LGTBI people.

We have reactivated the support service for at-risk groups (elderly people and various pathologies) in order to meet the needs of food or basic necessities and medicines for the most vulnerable LGTBI people. We also offer telephone support in case they need to talk to someone, as well as our psychological support service.

Our intention is to turn this service into a stable service even when this health crisis is overcome.

We currently continue to monitor and support 94 members and former associates over the age of 70 through volunteers from our association.

The Gay Sitges Link LGTBI Association is by your side, you are not alone, you are not alone, we are with you.

You can contact us, we will look for ways to help and support you in everything you need.
We are also in contact and coordination with the social services of the City Council.

We remind you of the contact forms enabled until this situation lasts:
Phone: + 34 93 811 11 66

As the situation is dynamic, we will notify you of any changes that may affect our activity.

We hope that soon we can return to normal and send you our best wishes.