We need a design for this year’s Gay Sitges Link, Corpus Christi Floral Carpet. (Which may be used next year, who knows!!)

Ideas are more important than drawing skills.

The design can only use these materials and colours

Red Carnations Whole or Petals

White Carnations Whole or Petals

Yellow Carnations Whole or Petals

Pink Carnations Whole or Petals

Green Grass cutting

Beige Wheat husks

Black Large Seed Pods

The final design must be a rectangle of 7,84 x 2,75 m so scale your drawing down using the same dimensions.
In previous years we have had designs featuring the “gay” characters Bert and Ernie, from Sesame Street. The wizard of Oz and Yellow Brick Road with the Sitges Church as the Emerald City. Gay Artist Keith Herring inspired artwork to promote Undetectable equals Untransmittable. And the lovable gay penguins Roy and Silo.

You don’t need any special design tools. Draw your idea and send a photo into if you do have MS Draw or other tech design tool that’s fine too.

The best design will be turned into the Gay Sitges Link Floral Carpet which is laid on Passeig de la Ribera. If Corpus Christi celebrations do not happen this year because of Coronavirus the design will be used next year.

Points will be awarded for Originality and relevance to LGBT issues.

Drawings must be submitted by April 20th