Both Gay Sitges Link and the Cinema Club Sitges Association aim to promote access to culture and raise awareness through the cinema of recognition of the LGTBI community and to promote the values ​​of equality and diversity.
Both entities have signed a mutual collaboration agreement.
In this way, all Gay Sitges Link members can access the Prado cinema with a ticket price of 5 Euros, only with the presentation of the Gay Sitges Link card.

They have also agreed to work together so that during a series of important dates for the LGTBI community the emission of films and documentaries both at the Prado Cinema, as other options that could be outdoors or other equipment.
– April 26 day of lesbian visibility.
– May 17 Day against LGBTIphobia.
– Sitges Pride during the first week of June
– June 28, LGBTI Pride Day
– December 1st. World Day Fight against AIDS.
Gay Sitges Link and Cine Club Sitges are committed to working together on another series of cultural projects that will be known soon.

Likewise, the Cine club Sitges will offer the businesses / advertisers that come recommended by Gay Sitges Link, they will have a discount on the monthly cost of advertising at the Cinema.