Carnival, reunion time.

Carnival is a very special moment in the traditional calendar of Mediterranean countries and also in the Americas, throughout the world, February Carnival, an inseparable tandem.

I would like to wish you the best of carnivals and ask you to recover some of the customs associated with this pagan festival that has survived the repression and the impositions of rigidity, dictatorship and unique thinking.

Traditionally the Carnival was a time of reunion, a visit between relatives and acquaintances, this tradition was transformed into the famous assaults between entities and associations, in troupes and “ruas” that have finally been established invading the streets of glitters and music. These parades were a long time an excuse for fun, but also to raise funds for hospitals or to help the poorest. In summary, Carnival showed these two faces the happy and the sad, the social and the violent, the rebirth of the spring and death of the winter.

The Carnival in Sitges has a great tradition and roots. For us, the LGTBI collective has been the great opportunity to show us and also to criticize the stereotypes that society has imposed for centuries.

From that great festival of feathers and sacks of confetti, from that Gay Carnival of Sitges still to be discovered, we have only the funeral procession of widows, on Ash Wednesday, with crocodile tears and crying lies. Miriñaques, tourists and many other characters of the carnival night will return to revive and play.

I want to thank Tony Llewellyn for his support and the donations he has made year after year to Gay Sitges Link after the widows’ dinner, and take the opportunity to encourage everyone to share the joy and sadness of a unique party. A party that has its reason for being in the community and in relationships, in visits to the elderly and also in the attentions and parties aimed at the little ones. Be generous with everyone and enjoy Carnival.

I am pleased to announce that this year Gay Sitges Link will take a pioneering action framed in the health and prevention program of sexually transmitted diseases. A group of GSL volunteers will distribute free condoms and kits with information about this.

This year the Widows will head the funeral procession and a course to learn to cry has also been organized. Do not miss the great show that is about to begin.




Isidre Roset.