In GSL we work to build a better Sitges for the LGBT community so that we can improve the society we live in.

In Catalonia, we are living in a difficult moment, with the evident political tension. Except if we have our heads in the sand, this is impacting all of us. The GSL community is, to some extent, global, diverse and made of a wide range of political views, and even apolitical views. In this context, the GSL committee has reflected on how to address this situation for the wellbeing and sustainability of our community.
We have decided to step beyond the conflict and see the opportunity to stand up for our common values such as freedom of expression, respect, dialogue, diversity, care/love that foster the coexistence in our community.
For the welfare of our community and the society at large, we have also to express our concern at the resolution of the Spanish Supreme Court. In particular the fact that the sentence of the trial condemns people for demonstrating and  creates a precedent. What does it mean? It means that our right to demonstrate for what is important for us, for our rights and sometimes to challenge a government decision, is at risk. The LGBT+ demonstration could be at risk.
We are asking the political leaders in their wisdom to go back to the path of dialogue and agreement to create a harmonious and peaceful environment in Catalonia and in Spain for the welfare of all. We condemn any act of violence, use of force and anything against human and civil rights.
To political leaders and to all our community we share a poem that we hope inspires all of us to create new possibilities
I promise you
not a moment will be lost
as long as I have
heart & voice
to speak
& we will walk together again
with a thousand others
& a thousand more
& on and on
until there is no one among us
who does not know
the truth:
there is no future without Love.
Legacy  © 2016 Brian Andreas


Comité GSL.