We offer  all our members free HIV fast tests. You get the results in fifteen minutes. You will be able to book an appoinment at the Benazet -Subur Salud pharmacy, just show your membership card to receive the test. Non members can get tested for 10€. This members’ offer is valid all year.

Why are we doing this?

HIV does not now have to lead to AIDS. The medications available to people who contract HIV works very well, with few side effects. Furthermore the treatment is so effective, it is impossible for someone on treatment, with an undetectable viral load (measure of virus in blood) to transmit HIV to another person, even during unprotected anal sex.

However if you remain untested you cannot know if you have the virus. Someone who does not know they have the virus, and especially when newly infected, can transmit the virus to their sexual partners. So it is now more important than ever to Know Your Status.

We are really close to being able to cut new infections of HIV to Zero but this is only possible if everyone who is in a high risk group for HIV gets tested regularly.

To achieve zero transmissions there are many tools available to us. HIV testing is just one of them.

PrEP will soon be available on the national health service in Spain.

PEP is available to people who have had a risk of HIV transmission. It must be accessed with 72 hours.

Condoms are still the best way to protect yourself from HIV as well as other sexually transmitted infections.

Treatment as prevention also know as U=U

and, of course HIV testing.

Testing regularly and starting treatment straight away, not only gives you the best outcome for your health but protects other people from getting HIV

It up to all of us to help make Sitges free from new HIV infections.

If you have any questions around HIV testing or sexual health send an email to vih@gaysitgeslink.org