Dear Members of Gay Sitges Link:

Next Tuesday, September 8 at 7:00 p.m. on the roof of our  center (Carrer Joan Tarrida, 1) we will celebrate an extraordinary Assambly or members of Gay Sitges Link.

The current economic situation with the coronavirus and the impact on the economy of our association has made the decision in the committee to call this extraordinary assembly in order to continue offering our services and activities to make a modification of the membership fee.

Other issues that should  been debated in this assembly, such as the proposed modification of the name, will be debated at the next ordinary assembly that will have to take place in 2021.

This is following the agenda for this extraordinary assembly.

  1. Reading and approval of the previous minutes. ACTA DE LA 9ª Y 10ª ASAMBLEA
  2. Proposal for new membership fees. The committee’s proposal is to increase the quota from the current 20 euros to 30 euros per year for the normal quota and go from 5 euros for the reduced quota to 10 euros. The fees have been maintained for more than 5 years without increasing.
  3. Various

The extraordinary Assembly will respect the prevention and security measures for Covid-19.

If you want to delegate the vote, we attach the model for proxy voting.

Thank you so much