Our association has been accredited as a Volunteer Organization by the Generalitat de Catalunya under number 001932.

In Sitges there are only 6 entities that meet the requirement to be part of it.

The Official List of Voluntary Organizations is a tool for public recognition of voluntary organizations and a guarantee of quality to the extent that the included entities will comply with the provisions of Law 25/2015, of 30 July, on volunteering and promotion of associationism.

The Census of Voluntary Organizations is free, and although not mandatory; allows you to achieve a number of advantages for organizations that manage volunteers:

Receive information of interest to the entities from the Department of Labor, Social Affairs and Families.
Be able to apply for grants via calls for grants.
Be able to apply for the Volunteer Award.
Be linked to other volunteer organizations.

You can find more information at this link https://voluntariat.gencat.cat/entitats/cens-dentitats-de-voluntariat/