The LGTBI Gay Sitges Link association has seen the need to promote an award that aims to make visible the struggles and achievements of the LGTBI community in Sitges. This award is announced and will be named Pepito Zamora. The proposal has been accepted by the Municipal Council of Culture of Sitges City Council.


The creation of the Pepito Zamora Prize pursues the dual goal of recovering the character of an artist who lived and died in Sitges and the goal of promoting the values ​​he represents: equality in diversity, the recovery of memory. LGTBI and the recognition of people who like him fight or have fought for the civil rights of people.



The incorporation of the Pepito Zamora Award into the Sitges Awards Night is the direct way to integrate the current LGTBI reality into the environment around it.


Sitges Awards Night is an annual evening held between November and December where various awards are announced:

– La Ploma d’Or, a distinction awarded by Sitges City Council to a writer for his work in the fields of literature, language, essays and journalism. The prize is symbolized by a gold button with a bird feather and, since 2006, it has been awarded by the Municipal Council of Culture.


– The Trinitat Catasús Prize, founded in 1975, distinguishes people or entities that have carried the name of Sitges everywhere. The prize is named after Trinitat Catasús i Catasús, a poet closely linked to Sitges life.


– The Josep Carbonell i Gener Prize is awarded by the Sitges Studies Group to promote local studies and awards two categories, baccalaureate (baccalaureate, ESO or FP) and university.

– The Sanvisens Painting Prize and the Pere Jou Sculpture Prize.


– Prize of the Josep Mirabent i Magrans competition for singing and chamber music.


– The Special Prize that since 1998, the city council has awarded it to an entity or group that has stood out for organizing activities with an echo in Sitges or that has distinguished itself to selflessly improve the culture of the town.


– Josep Maria Jornet Prize for photography, the Jofre Vilà Folklore Prize for Popular and Traditional Culture of Sitget, the Jànio Marti Prize.


The Pepito Zamora Prize consists of an original, numbered and signed engraving of the work of Josep Maria Rosselló “We were gay and we didn’t know it” created specifically for the occasion.


This proposal aims to incorporate a different perspective and recover the memory of the LGTBI community, rewarding the work of people or entities that have contributed to the normalization of diversity through actions or work that stand out and are considered by the jury by three members of the committee of the association and three other people who know the culture in Sitges.