Five years after the approval by the Parliament of Catalonia of Law 11/2014 to combat LGTBIfobia, the Platform of LGTBI entities of Catalonia of which Gay Sitges Link is a part, we consider that the Generalitat “has not done its homework”. We believe that we are faced with a “flagrant lack of political will” to move forward with this norm that, yes, has been “pioneer” both in Spain and in Europe.It is essential that, once and for all, a sanctioning regulation is approved that allows the LGTBIphobia to be punished adequately. “[The sanctioning regulation] is the tool that facilitates the specific mechanisms to carry out with guarantees the instruction and the possible sanction in the face of an aggression,” he said. There is currently a sanctions regime, but not a sanctions regime regulation that regulates it. The entities request that this decalogue of priorities for the development of the Law Against LGTBI-Fòbia be launched.

  1. Publication of the Sanctioning Procedure.
  2. Creation of the LGBT policy coordination body.
  3. Specific budget match for LGBT policies.
  4. Preparation of an action plan to implement a new model, non-pathologic care.
  5. Social pact against stigma and discrimination of people with HIV and specific protocol of health for LGTBI people.
  6. Creation of a protocol for the victim’s attention.
  7. Assistance to LGBT families about pending discrimination in different legal systems.
  8. Publicize the Law and improve Coordination and transparency when it comes to training, valuing the expertise of the entities to teach it and extend it to all the administration and society staff.
  9. Establish a regular coordination mechanism between the Department of Education and the LGTBI entities.
  10. Initiate and carry out an action plan for residential services for LGBT elderly people such as apartments with services and / or dwellings with imaginative formulas such as co-housing, cooperatives, etc.