During the last few days the number of people affected by Covidien-19 disease has increased significantly. The health authorities have determined for the next 15 days to limit the movement of people as far as possible throughout Catalonia and Spain, especially people at high risk.

Given this situation and due to the high number of older members we have and also people with chronic diseases such as those affected by HIV and Hepatitis C, we want to promote an initiative to be able to help these people if necessary.

In Sitges we also find that there are many people in our group who are not fluent in Spanish or Catalan and many older people of foreign origin who are outside the social service circuits of our town hall.

We want to help those people who cannot leave their homes, the elderly or help people with chronic diseases to buy their food or medicine, or any other aspect that we can help them with.

If you are not in a risk group and you are in good health, We need your help to help others.
Thanks a lot