Manifest LGTBI+  Sitges Pride 2019.

What do we celebrate in Sitges during Pride week? Why are we gathered together here? Fighting for our rights or celebrating our love.

These are the questions that a manifesto must raise. Questions that we must ask ourselves and each other. We are a diverse group of people, as diverse as the colours on the rainbow flag that represents us. Or as they say here in Catalunya the San Marti Arch. We can look to the distant past to see the struggles and injustices that were fought and won here in Catalunya by San Martin of the torn cape, or more recently to another Martin, Martin Luther King activist and defender of the civil rights of the blacks in the United States.

Pride was born just 50 years ago. It exploded in the bohemian neighborhood of New York, in a bar in the Village, as a revolt against the injustice and mistreatment that the police exercised indiscriminately over people they considered scum, people on the margins of society. Those marginalized people joined forces, took their hands and raised their arms as we can do today in memory of their actions. (Take your hands, raise your arms!).

Those outsiders, those who were rejected by society grouped together and embraced each other to gain strength from each other. (we can now embrace to feel the warmth and solidarity). They united their voices to defend their dignity as people, as human beings, men, women, queers, fags, peacocks and fairies.

They defended their rights and shouted loudly that no one could step on them for being different.

We are different! they shouted !!

We are different to you but we are also equal to you.

You can not deny us and we will not hide away because we love differently, or feel happy dancing and singing songs that identify us and free us from the chains imposed by a unjust morality.

Well now, here in Sitges, celebrating the 10th aniverary of the Gay Sitges Pride, we are celebrating that the world has changed while recognising that more still needs to change. However, we need to preserve our hard won rights. The colours of the rainbow have spread far and wide but dark clouds are always present trying to block out our colourful lives. We have transformed many unjust laws and beliefs to become freer, more generous, but we still need to be critical. We still need to be protesters, to fight for black rights, women’s and lesbian rights, Trans rights. But above all, be supportive and compassionate, to be patient educators and curious lovers.

What do we believe?

– In universal love and in the happiness of a shared idea.

What we want?

– Freedom within mutual respect.

Where are we going?

– Towards a better world, towards a more just and balanced world.

How can we achieve our goals?

– With peaceful means, dancing, singing and always with a smile (or a kiss) on the lips.


You can now kiss each other, declaring yourselves heirs of Stonewall, sisters and brothers of the Rainbow family. Hurrah for Sitges! Hurrah for our Pride!