Dear members,

Next Saturday, March 27th, we will celebrate our Annual Assembly of Members of “Associació LGTBI Gay Sitges Link”, this time and following government guidelines, it will be held in digital format through the Zoom application. In a few weeks we will report on the entire procedure.

Our president, Isidre Roset, has reported that he is not going to present his candidacy to renew his position as president of the association. He believes that the time has come to give way to a new president who can offer, as he has done, the best of himself.

The association requires a new President with availability, with experience and thoroughly familiar with our entity and the LGTBI associative movement, who is capable of configuring, coordinating and directing a new team that has the capacity to negotiate with the public administration and that has the recognition of our associates and who has been signified by its work and dedication to our community and our city.

Within the new Executive Committee we will have to fill the position of President as well as elect a new management team that is capable of directing the association and facing the challenges that we have ahead of us.

If you think you can contribute with time, energy and willingness, if you have experience in project management, you have fluent use of the IT management program, you can communicate and write at least in Spanish or Catalan and consider yourself an activist and defender of LGTBIQ + rights and you believe that you can be part of the future Steering Committee, or as the person in charge of a project or as a volunteer in a service, we will find a space where you can be the most useful for the association and for our community.

If you are interested, please get in touch with us. You can contact by phone 93 811 11 66 or by sending an email to:

If you want to collaborate as a volunteer, we also invite you to fill in this form to find out your concerns and availability.

Thank you so much