2020 goals:

– Preserve the status of GSL as a Reference Association of the LGTBI collective in Sitges and continue to create the LGTBI + community in Sitges and the region (Garraf).

– Establish mechanisms of work and coordination with the public administration and monitoring to meet our demands expressed in the Decalogue that we sent to the authorities during the election period, as well as to increase relations with the Sitgetana community and other associations and platforms that we form. part.

– Increase the diversity and number of partners (especially women, young people, trans and people from the LGTBI group or who do not believe in diversity as a universal civil law) and increase the participation of members in both the activities of the association as in the development of projects. Watching over the figure of the volunteer.

– Improve internal functioning and economic management, adapting our by-laws to the present moment, expanding the sources of funding and achieving the status of a public utility, as well as expanding the Steering Committee of the entity incorporating responsible persons and referents of programs and working groups. .

– Extend the discount program to members, increasing the number of GSL Friends members among tourists and increasing the number of benefactors.

– Encourage Cultural Pride promoted by Gay Sitges Link as well as participate actively in social and cultural activities (Corpus, Festa Major, Carnival …) and turn the Rainbow Route as a tool for raising awareness and visibility of history and the community Sitges LGTBI. Also create new cultural activities such as the LGTBI Film Show in Sitges and the Pepito Zamora Prize within the Sitges 2020 Awards.

– Create a stable program of activities and increase the support and social and cultural support services for the LGTBI community at our association headquarters.

– Improve communication with our associates and community, as well as publish the 8th issue of GSL Vision Magazine.

– Consolidate working groups within the association and increase our actions in the fields: support for victims of LGTBIphobic aggression and defense of LGBTI rights, social volunteering, the elderly, sport, young people, support for security, memory history, education and educational programs in schools, health promotion, addictions, LGBTI families, support for people living with HIV, support for members of the LGBTI community in Sitges the most disadvantaged.