Our Objectives for the 2019 have been approved by the Annual Soci@s Assembly:

· To Preserve the status of GSL as the Association of Reference of the collective LGTBI of Sitges.
· Follow up to get our demands from the Decalogue to the authorities.
· Increase the participation of partners in both the activities of the Association and the development of projects.
· Improve internal functioning and economic management.
· To Increase participation and cultural activities in the Gay Pride of Sitges.
· Increase the use of the Centre through activities promoted by partners
· Improve the presence of the online association (web/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) and logo
· To Strengthen relations with the Sitgetana community and other associations.
· Increase the diversity and number of partners and increase the services and benefits for the partners.
· Publish the sixth issue of GSL Vision Magazine
· Increase our actions in the fields: Social volunteerism, sports, security, historical memory, education, health, support for people living with HIV, support for members of the LGTBI community of Sitges, most disadvantaged.
· Brotherhood with other LGTBI organizations of the world ILGA and adherence to the Platform of entities LGTBI de Catalunya.