Dear members,

As you know, at the last ordinary assembly it was agreed to open a process for the change of name of Gay Sitges Link, so that the name was a reflection of the plurality of our association.

The word “gay” used in our name certainly has positive and negative effects. On the one hand it identifies us within the LGBTI community, but on the other it excludes women (since only in the Anglo-Saxon language the word gay can also be identified as a woman who loves other women), trans, bisexual and intersexual people.

From the GSL committee we do not want to lose the memory of who we are, but we also do not want to miss the boat, and we know the importance of words, especially if it is the name of our association, a name that identifies us and unites us, which is nothing else than being the helping hand of our community, of each and every one of the letters LGBTI+. So our name should reflect what we already do.

But this decision competes exclusively to the GSL members. And from the committee we want this to be a positive process, a process to look to the future together after a really difficult year. An open and transparent process.

The process

The first phase of this process is the presentation of alternatives to the current name by the members. Any member will have the right to present an alternative to the current name, through the form found on this website, or by sending an email to clearly indicating in the title of the email: “new GSL name”. We will also ask that in addition to the name, you provide us with a small explanation of the reasons that lead you to that name. Proposals will be accepted until February 20.

All these proposals will be taken to a creative workshop. New proposals may also be submitted during the creative workshop. This workshop aims to ensure that the names presented meet the name requirements that our organization needs. This workshop will be held virtually (due to covid-restrictions) and it’s open to everyone to participate. The workshop will take place during the month of February and all details will be communicated through our website and our newsletter.

In a second phase, all the results of the workshop will be evaluated by the committee according to the following criteria:

  • The new name reflects the plural reality within the LGBTI community
  • The new name is not disruptive of the previous one, so that members and public administrations can continue to identify our association.
  • The new name must be intelligible by the different linguistic realities of our association.
  • The new name must be legally registrable and we should be able to use it for the web and social media.

The committee will have until March 15 to choose which alternative will be selected from all of them as well as the scores received for each of the criteria.

At the next assembly (the date is to be confirmed depending on the evolution of the covid19), a vote will be held between the current name and the selected alternative name.

In the event that a name change is approved, the different public registers will be legalized and the digital elements will be adapted at first, as they do not involve expense.

Those materials in paper format or identification that must be reprinted and / or adapted will be made as fast as possible, taking into account the cost of change, and the economic reality of GSL in this pandemic time, with the goal of making all the adaptation before the 2022 assembly a reality.