On February 16th, we held our annual meeting of members of our association.

A very important day for all of us, on that day the statutes that regulate our operation were modified adapting them to the needs of the LGTBI Collective of Sitges.

Also unanimously we have approved our name “Associació LGTBI Gay Sitges Link” as official name.

During the assembly there were many proposals of whether or not to keep the term “GAY” in the name given that said term is already incorporated in the acronym LGTBI. The assembly determined that a participatory process and an assembly will be convened within a few months to decide on this issue.

But the most important thing in this assembly has been the unanimous approval of a new committee representing the LGTBI collective and friends of Sitges. A committee or board of directors, which form a Working group of 15 people and which reflects the projects and areas that we are carrying out.

In the assembly, Isidre Roset was confirmed as President and Pedro Martín as Coordinator and at the same time Secretary of the association.

A total of 5 women are part of this new team, the incorporation also of a representative of the trans collective, all this implies a great leap in equality and a very important advance to understand our group in Sitges is plural and diverse.

Here you can look at the minutes of the AGM: ACTA DE LA 9ª Y 10ª ASAMBLEA

Here is the list of the new committee. A large group of people, neighbors and neighbors committed and committed with great desire to work with all of you to get a better Sitges.

President : Isidre Roset     presidencia@gaysitgeslink.org
Vice president:
Valentyn Pot  vicepresidencia@gaysitgeslink.org
and Secretary: Pedro Martín  secretari@gaysitgeslink.org
Caroline Thomas  caroline@gaysitgeslink.org
Martina Lastra  tresoreria@gaysitgeslink.org
Comunication Secretary:
David Leal  comunicacio@gaysitgeslink.org
Social Meetings Secretary:   
Bruce Findlay  encuentrossociales@gaysitgeslink.org


Discount program: Richard Lyall richard@gaysitgeslink.org
Culture Events:
Martin Lewton  cultura@gaysitgeslink.org
Security, Rights, and Trans Collective
: Anna de Nicolás   drets@gaysitgeslink.org  trans@gaysitgeslink.org
Education, Chorus and Women:
María Bebis    maria@gaysitgeslink.org
Language Exchanges and International:
Fernando Cesario Nunes  fernando@gaysitgeslink.org
Internal Comunication:
Odile Monroy    odile@gaysitgeslink.org
Simon Randerson vih@gaysitgeslink.org
Elderly People:
Alberto Gómez gentgran@gaysitgeslink.org