The GSL extraordinary assembly met on the roof of the entity’s headquarters to discuss and vote on two important issues. The meeting was called a month in advance, the controls recommended by the health authorities were established and the safety and precautionary measures adopted in the wake of the current COVID-19 pandemic were maintained.

Secretary Pedro Martin Cumplido prepared a dossier with the agenda with a central point, modification of the quotas of the members, in addition a limitation of the voting delegations for future assemblies was debated.

A brief written introduction justified the need for modification due to various factors such as volatility and the changes that are taking place in our immediate environment, uncertainty as a difficulty in anticipating what may happen, but also the need to anticipate various scenarios and accept this conjuncture. The complexity of decision-making and the common responsibility we have to take on. An ambiguous environment in which the committee has been forced to adapt.

Despite this scenario, the association committee has taken action during and after the confinement, updating and inventing strategies and ways of doing things that we could never have thought of. Psychological counseling, emotional support, legal counseling services have been set up and we can be proud of the help you have given me.

Over the past five years the share of GSL membership has not changed, while fixed expenses have increased. Volunteer and civil liability insurance, membership fees for the ILGA or the Platform of LGTBI Entities of Catalonia, the maintenance of the website, among others, are the reason for requesting an increase that adapts to the new reality.

The balance between expenditure and revenue is the aim of the Committee. The secretary openly raised this situation in addition to problems with the management of installments (direct debit). He extrapolated our fee to that of other associations in Sitges that exceed € 100.

The dossier included the status of the members and a table with historical data on fixed expenses. Those present had the opportunity to discuss and ask questions that were answered in person.

A vote was taken which was in favor by a majority, it was considered that the votes against would be recognized and that they would be heard critically.

It was also decided that from now on the voting delegations will be limited to three, plus the personal vote of the member present at the assembly. This point sparked a heated debate.

In the questions and answers section, Mr. Brandon Jones asked the entity to take a position on the economic situation in Sitges and how Gay Sitges LInk can support LGTBI businesses in Sitges: The response was that the committee is actively working to update the benefits program, among other actions, and meetings with municipal government departments.

Gay Sitges Link is also suffering the results of this crisis and for that reason the reason for the increase in quotas, we want to create synergies and collaborations with all business associations, social and cultural entrepreneurs to promote the economic development of Sitges so that Sitges is prepared to to be able to create jobs and to notice the economic crisis as little as possible.

We encourage all Gay Sitges LInk members to use their membership card to support the Sitges LGTBI business.

The meeting was adjourned at 9 pm, with the cordial understanding of all the participants.

From now on the fees will be € 30 per year and € 10 for the unemployed, students, retirees or people who demonstrate a particularly fragile economic situation. The patron benefactor fee will continue to be € 100 and donations from € 10 can also be made through the Gay Sitges Link page

In the case of any member going through a difficult problem, this committee makes itself available to them to help them with municipal social services to be able to accompany them in the search for a solution as we are already doing.

If you have difficulty renewing your quota please contact us and we will surely find a suitable solution for your personal situation.