Next Sunday, February 16, we inform you that we are going to organize our Assembly of members of the LGTBI Association “Gay Sitges Link” starting at 10.30am. in Queenz Restaurant that have kindly offered us this space.

In order to respond to the challenges and actions that are intended to be promoted during the next year, we want to inform you that in the next Assembly we have several vacancies or positions of our Steering Committee that we have to ratify and choose.

Within the  Committee we will have to fill the position of President who is currently in Duties, we also need to fill a position of Vice Presidence, as well as the position of Secretary that will possibly be vacant. We would like to strengthen the areas of treasury, education, psychological support, volunteering, communication as well as incorporating a person who is responsible for providing legal support to the LGTBI group of Sitges.

We also invite the “Cantem Colors” Choir to integrate with a representative in our Committee and invite the LGTBI Families group to have a representative also be integrated into the Association Steering Committee. We would also like to be able to integrate a person under 30 who can promote the Young Group of Gay Sitges Link.

In order to have a more diverse Directive Committee that reflects the reality and plurality of the LGTBI Collective in Sitges, we make a special call to women, members of LGTBI families, members of the trans collective and young people who want to join and join the Committee Executive.

We would like you to have, if possible, an average knowledge of English, Spanish and / or Catalan, fluid use of new technologies and that you want to dedicate part of your free time each week to the association. In case you are interested please contact us.

Thank you so much
Directive Commitee
Associació LGTBI Gay Sitges Link