quilt colgado en Centre

The memorial AIDS tapestry originated back in 1987 as a collective and personal response in order to pay tribute to the immense human loss that lies behind the statistics of this pandemic disease.

In Catalonia the NGO Projecte dels NOMS 1993 joined this movement of awareness and activism to remind every one of us of the victims of AIDS with a tapestry quilt originally made in the name of every single person affected by this illness.

Isabel Pruna, embroidery tapestry artist and painter, daughter of the famous painter Pedro Pruna (1904 – 1977) was the soul of this commemoration of World AIDS Day in Sitges.Through her quiet daily work, she has made the huge tapestries that year after year have been hung on the balcony of the Sitges Town Hall and more recently at the GSL Centre as well.

Isabel Pruna has designed and made various embroidered tapestries in order to keep the flame of remembrance and awareness of AIDS, a disease that was once considered a death sentence. However, over the years, thanks to scientific and medical research it has now become a chronic but treatable illness. It is to these researchers and scientists particularly that Isabel Pruna has dedicated one of the tapestries which has linked together allegories with dolphins, eagles and the red ribbon, a powerful symbol that openly declares solidarity with those affected. We are all brothers, sisters and participants who share the pain and loss of those loved ones. The red ribbon is the testimonial proof of our unconditional and active AIDS support, wearing it is a small gesture that shows great courage and bravery.

Isabel Pruna is the continuing voice of a courageous mother, a testimony marking the active work that still needs to be done to protect and defend the innocent. With needle and thread along with her unique skills, she is removing the stigma of AIDS, embroidering a huge canvas full of hope and joy. The end result looks forward to a future free of this deadly illness that has claimed so many men, women and children who were unknowingly infected. This year Isabel Pruna presents a new tapestry specially dedicatedto children affected by HIV/AIDS, those most vunerable and innocent.

In 2014, UNAIDS’ adopted the mottoGetting to Zero“, striving to achieve zero infections and zero discrimination. From 21 to 28 November, the health department of the Generalitat has been actively promoting a campaign of HIV testing, The Public Health Agency of Catalonia also launched an awareness slogan and continues to make positive headway in the fight against AIDS, focusing on the defense of human rights and preventive strategies for early detection. In compliance with therapeutic and, above all, pushing for innovation and scientific research, they have yielded some positive results but unfortunately have not yet achieved a final cure or vaccine.

AIDS continues to be a global pandemic that has mobilized our contemporary society into using the power of art against stigma, helping to transform pain and grief into aid and active recognition. In 2003, shortly before his death, the famous Catalan poet Miquel Martíi Pol (1929-2003) composed his famous poem “Parlem de tu(talk about you) for theProjecte dels NOMS’ association as a permanent AIDS Memorial situated in the Montjuic park in Barcelona.

Isidre Roset i Juan