GSL aims to set up new HIV support and prevention services.

Among the services for people living with HIV is an initial meeting to invite members to discus what is already available in Sitges and what services they would like to see provided in the future. A meeting has been arranged for May 4th at 11:30 and all members living with, or affected by, HIV are encouraged to attend.

Among the ideas to be discussed will be ways to fight stigma associated with HIV. Information groups, support groups, social groups, which could include lunches, sports or cultural groups.

A new confidential email address has been set up for member affected by HIV to contact. We can answer general questions about HIV and direct people on to suitable services.

This is not an emergency support line. People in immediate distress should contact your regular medical services or 112.

In cooperation with Stop SIDA Barcelona, GSL is looking to run HIV and STI testing on a regular basis in Sitges. For these services to work, we will need a strong volunteer base.  Training will be provided.

During all the year we provide information about prevention, and the benefits of the Charity Christmas Dinner are given to support programs for people with HIV.