At Gay Sitges Link we have also launched the rapid hepatitis C test service this December. As with the rapid test to detect HIV infection, and Syphilis through a small blood sample obtained by a pin prick in the finger we can know in approximately fifteen minutes if you have antibodies to the virus that causes this infection: HCV.

It is important that, at least once a year, you realise a complete check-up to detect possible sexually transmitted infections, including hepatitis C, especially if you practice chemsex sessions, if you practice fisting and if you have consumed – or regularly consume – drugs for injected route, and also in the case of taking PrEP without any regular monitoring.

Remember that in these situations there may be a high risk of contracting hepatitis C, although you can avoid it by using a condom and adequate lubrication for anal and vaginal penetrations, latex gloves and adequate lubrication for fisting and using your own syringes in the case of consumption of substances by injection.

If you get  a rapid hepatitis C test and the result is positive, we have a referral protocol to Hospital Sant Camil and Hospital de Bellvitge. Currently there are some medications that achieve cure rates very close to 100%.

As always, we insist that in sexual health it is important to know the measures you can take to prevent an STI, but it is equally important to have regular check-ups to diagnose them when they appear and thus be able to face them. This includes the rapid hepatitis C test that you can already take at our entity.

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