Did you Just get to live in Sitges? Do You Need Some kind of guidance? How to find work? How to stay? How to register at the City Hall? What services are there in Sitges for the new neighbors? What Services Do We offer the LGTBi community in Sitges? What are the customs in Sitges? What cultural activities? Equipment? Your Health?

We All know how difficult it is to live in a new place and sometimes how complicated it is to meet people or the peculiarities and customs of your new city.

Know how to get high in the register of inhabitants of Sitges, how to achieve public health, which facilities and services I offer Sitges and the community LGTBI, are some of the answers that we want to offer with this service reception.

If you need a friendly voice that helps you and solve your questions please contact us, in opening hours or by sending an email to info@gaysitigeslink.org

Welcome to your new home! Welcome to Sitges!